Ark Health Care is committed to providing the highest quality of care and standard of service for the care recipients and their families at our facilities.

Respite Care

We understand that there will be times in life when you may require respite care accommodation for yourself or for a loved one who is not capable of caring for themselves. Ark Health Care have a number of dedicated respite care rooms located within our safe, secure and friendly homes.  

Ark Health Care is like a home away from home

If you would like to speak with us about respite care accommodation availability and fees, our friendly staff are here to assist and answer any questions you may have.

If you require immediate respite care accommodation due to an emergency, please contact Ark Health Care on (02) 8197 2999.

For further information please call (02) 8197 2999 or email


How many days am I able to have on Respite?
Each approved person can receive up to a total of 63 days of subsidised respite in any financial year. This total covers respite admissions to all Commonwealth funded residential aged care centres.


How much does it cost for respite care?
The current rate of respite care is set by the Australian Department of Social Services. Please contact the centre for the current rate for respite care.


I am a DVA pensioner, who pays the fees?
As a DVA pensioner, DVA pays for 28 days of your respite stay per year. Please contact your DVA advisor for more information prior to your respite stay.


What services are provided to me during my stay?
Services will be provided as per the schedule of services in your Resident Agreement. This is reflective of the requirements in the Aged Care Act.


During my stay can I go out for lunch or stay out over night?
Respite is intended for you to stay within the aged care centre for a period of time. During your respite time you may go out for lunch, but if you wish to stay out over night, we will be required to discharge you from the centre and you will need to re-book the placement.


What happens if I need to go to the hospital during my stay?
If you require hospitalisation during your respite stay, we will organise transport to hospital. On admission to hospital, you will be discharged from the aged care centre. We will arrange rebooking for the respite bed once you are medically fit for discharge, if a bed is available.


What items will I need to bring with me for my respite period?

-You will need to bring adequate personal clothing for the stay; You may also like to bring any small items, which will make your stay more enjoyable; and

-You will not require any large items, such as furniture or electrical equipment; and-

-We request that residents do not bring anything of value, and limit the amount of money brought into the centre, as we cannot guarantee, or assume responsibility for the safety of such items.


What about my medications?
You will need to bring your current Medication Chart signed by your GP and your medications packed by a pharmacy in a Webster/sachet for the entire length of your stay.


How do I become a permanent resident?
You will need to be assessed by the ACAT team to become a permanent resident. In some cases, the ACAT approval may have been granted prior to your entry to the aged care centre.